Grain free dog food for senior dogs and weight control


Analytical Constitutents


Crude Protein


Crude Oils and Fats


Crude Fibres


Crude Ash*







320 kCal/100g

Omega 6


Omega 3






Feeding Guidelines

Weight of Dog (Kg)

Grams per day

1 – 5kg

25 – 90

5 – 10kg

90 – 155

10 – 20kg

155 – 260

20 – 30kg

260 – 355

30 – 40kg

355 – 440

40kg +


Figures are Grams per day. Based on the NRC recommendations for active dogs.

Please ensure a bowl of fresh water is always available

Store in a cool dry place

Here at Nutrix, we believe that you should know exactly what you are feeding your dog. This information page should help you decide whether our Hypoallergenic Senior Grain Free 50% Fish Dog Food, with Human Grade A Salmon, Trout, Sweet Potato & Asparagus is right for your dog.

Quality Ingredients include:

Specially designed Kibble - The kibble used in this recipe is specially designed to be easier for older dogs to much on!

Salmon and Trout - (min 50%) The Salmon used in our recipe is human grade, sourced traditionally from the Scottish Highlands. The combination of salmon and trout makes for a highly digestible protein souce which is full of omega-3 oils (see left), and contributes a large amount of essential amino acids while being a good source of potassium, phosphorus and selenium.

Sweet Potato - (Min 26%) Sweet potato has a reputation as a top dog antioxidant and immune booster because of its high vitamin A and C contents.It also contains vitamins B5 & B6. Contains potassium and manganese.

Peas - A good source of vitamin K1, folic acid and vitamin B6.

Beet Pulp - An excellent fibre source which helps to avoid constipation, as well as improving the absorption of nutrients and even contributes a good source of friendly bacteria.

Whole linseed - Also known as flax - which contains omega-3 fatty acids and lignans which contain antioxidant properties.

Vegetable stock - used to make it even more yummy and nutritious!

Asparagus (7.5g per Kg) - Rich in potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6, thiamine and fibre. Good for heart, kidneys, muscles, nerves and digestive system. Good for cell growth and aids fetal growth.

Salmon oil - Good for heart, joints, cognative function and vision. Also helps reduce inflammation response and known to limit risk of tumours (EPA and DHA).

FOS - (92mg/kg) Feeds and promotes good bacteria in the intestines which improves digestion and further aids in the absorption of nutrients. Also increases a bitch's milk antibody count to promote better immunity for puppies.

MOS - (23mg/kg) Helps to maintains healthy bacterial population in bowels to help prevent infectious diseases of gastro intestinal tract while enhancing wellbeing and energy levels.

Nutritional Additives per KG

Vitamins & Minerals: E672/Vitamin A 15,000 IU, E671/Vitamin D3 2,250 IU

Trace Elements: E1/Iron 160mg, 3b201/Iodine 1.58 mg, E4/Copper 60 mg, E5/Manganese 109mg, E6/Zinc 130 mg, E8/Selenium 0.60 mg

FEEDING GUIDE - Adult weight and grams per day. Please note; quality dog food means quality ingredients, therefore you may notice that not as much is required as some other dog foods as they may contain a large proportion of fillers. Less fillers means less stools, less stools means a cleaner garden and less mess to pick up. Plus your Nutrix dog food will go further than these other 15kg bags.

*Ash is not added as an ingredient in our recipes. By burning a sample of the food you're left with the inorganic residue which helps to measure the recipe's mineral content. For those in the know, a well formulated pet food should contain a moderate ash level reflecting sufficient mineral content. Our ash levels are moderate.